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Hi and thanks for finding your way to my personal web presence!
I'm Andreas J. Häusler, my profession is marine robotics, and you just stumbled upon my personal website!

About this site

This is the new Informagic, or, if you will, Informagic 3.0. By now you'll have noticed that the old cowboy look is gone, but that's not the only change I made.

After many years as a self-programmed content management system (CMS), first with ASP.NET and then completely reprogrammed using ASP.NET 2.0, I finally decided that for the 10th anniversary of my web presence it would deserve some professional makeover. As such, I've restructured everything and am now using Umbraco as the supporting CMS engine in the background of this site. This means that I don't have to worry about non-working functionality anymore: although I've invested hundreds of hours in my own CMS, it turned out to be impossible to keep pace with the latest developments in security and all other aspects—at least if I'd like to have some time available for my day job and private life.

Design-wise, I'm using one of n33's amazing free designs available at HTML5 UP. Of course, I had to modify the files slightly for the transition from single-page static HTML to what a CMS like Umbraco makes so convenient, but this is nothing in comparison to how much time I spent previously on just ensuring that my website was up and running.

In summary: yes, the cowboy boots are gone, which is a pity, but what you see now is way better in any other aspect.

Latest Articles

I'm feverishly working on recovering my old database into Umbraco's format. The only content yet missing is that from the old article categories, including, unfortunately, the picture gallery. Any links you'll find within recovered articles and newsletters are likely broken, too.

Please come back in a few days (or maybe some weeks—a safer bet, considering that I've got a PhD to finish) to check for progress.

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Ocean Robotics

I'm delighted that you read your way down here—I'd be even more delighted if you headed over to http://research.informagic.org to read more about my professional life as a researcher in ocean robotics!